Author Expert Marketing Machines

A lot of interest is being generated towards the all new Author Expert Marketing Machines video courses that is about to open its doors on October 1st. This free training video courses shares the success strategies that every person who trades time for money needs in order to increase their authority and value.

Going live on October 1st, this training by Mike Koenigs promises to teach you how to get paid more, gain access to powerful people, as well as how to stop trading your time for money.

With this training, you get a simple 5-steps process that will allow you to solve your biggest marketing challenges which stand in your way of achieving your goals. It also shows you that one thing you need to do in order to double, triple, or quadriple that value that you get paid for your service and products currently.

At the same time, the free video training series will teach you how to leverage the biggest and the fastest growing market forces that exist in the world today for maximum exposure and more income.

Not only are you getting the five steps to the top of your expert industry, but Mike, the author of this course, is also giving out a chance to every one who registers for free to get a chance to be entered in to an out-of-this-world contest.

All entries in to this contest will have a chance to win a production day with Mike's premiere Digital Cafe studio located in San Diego. On this day, you will get to craft your videos and your message that you want to share with the world, an activity worth thousands of dollars.

Mike lays claim to having worked with top authors and experts in various fields. This video course is a simple breakdown of the same techniques he uses with these top rated experts to take them and keep them at the top.

Among the notable figures he has worked with includes Tonny Robbins, John Asaraf, Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard, Tim Ferres and John Kennedy. These are well known big shots who are both successful and famous thanks to the use of the same ideas in the Author Expert Marketing Machines.

Being such a big promise towards a speedy climb to success, this free video course leaves one wondering why its being given out as so; for free. Mike explains that in the recent past, he went through a major and tramautising life event - He was diagnosed with cancer.

"This connected me with my inner most being." he says. He goes further to say that it is for this reason that he wants to share these ideas with the world so that he may leave a great legacy and make a million millionaires through the course.

He says that although the cancer was caught before it spread and that he will be ok thanks to the surgeries and the various medications and treatments he is currently going through, this served as a wake up call to him.

The Author Expert Marketing Machines will point experts in different fields in the right direction, teaching them how to leverage their skills and expertise for more income, freedom and success.

Author Expert Marketing Machines